Fishing out of Erie, PA & Conneaut, OH

Welcome to Dutch Fork Fishing Charters, fishing out of Erie, PA & Conneaut, OH

We have 28 years Lake Erie experience and 15 years fishing the professional walleye circuit.

With our multi species boat we are able to use several ports in PA waters to maximize your success to not only catch a limit of fish, but try for that trophy of a lifetime.

We fish from early may well into November, which is earlier and later than most charters here.

Slow trolling, casting and jigging trips are available, but slow trolling ( a controlled drift) is your best opportunity to catch a ton of fish. We encourage clients to be a part of the crew and bait hooks, set lines, net fish, and make fun of your buddies when they lose a fish!

Kids are always welcomed at no extra charge, and they will have a blast playing with the worms and catching fish.

If you want to see the bite, and feel the fight on lighter tackle, and learn a lot about fishing for walleye, give us a try.

If you have a small boat and want to learn the techniques to fish Lake Erie and be successful all the time, we can teach you what you need to know. We have educated many anglers on how to find and catch those finicky walleye.

With us you get to be a part of the crew and work the rods, net the fish and make fun of your buddy when they lose a fish!